Monday, October 24, 2011

...and it's Monday again

  • Monday in bullets!!!!
  • saw a coyote in the parking lot at my work.
  • Reminded myself to talk to the people in my building about walking their little dogs outside with Wile E Coyote roaming around.
  • Was surprised at work today by a devious co worker who was able to smuggle in a birthday cake for me and have everyone I work with sign a card, ALL UNBEKNOWNST TO ME...and I'm the most devious of the devious.  I didn't have a clue.  But enjoyed it and the dirty card I got to go with it.
  • Bumped the pizza we were supposed to have Friday to today.  Thanks, Dominos, and more specifically, Katie who apparently made our pizza.
  • Saw Paranormal 3 with girls on Sunday.  Soiled myself only slightly.
  • Probably a good thing, then, that my husband got me a Victoria's Secret gift card for my birthday (along with a mug I was coveting from Starbucks.)
  • Worked out today on treadmill.  Probably burned off the calories I ate in cake.
More later...

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