Thursday, March 22, 2012

and, just in case you were getting bored, a few more.

the water really is this clear!  so you can see if sharks are coming!
clear, again!  you can see fish swimming in there
another of our sunrise pictures.  so very beautiful and majestic.
this is around the pool.  so cool.
so as you can see it was very hard to suffer through this vacation.  Although we have saved up for this with our vacation savings fund, a stray bonus here or there, and some vouchers that Apple threw our way last year when I wrote a letter complaining that we spent much of the first day of our vacation last year in Louisiana, IN THE AIRPORT.

a few random pics

annie, at lunch or breakfast, I don't know which
off in the distance, the Barcelo Palace

Joey enjoying a fruity drink or ten

yours truly and her beloved
So here are a few more pictures so that you can see that it really is as beautiful as it sounds.

Sunrise...or sunset? Can you tell the difference?

this is the sunset part of our quiz.

this is the sunrise part of the test!
These are two pictures from the beautiful Riviera Maya.  We stayed at the Barcelo Maya Tropical/Colonial.  It was breathtaking. 
I should add that this sunrise picture?  Earlier than I have gotten up ever, except when I was in labor with one of the kids, or studying for a test, or writing, or playing on facebook, or something silly like that.