Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why am I exercising, again?

As I sit here, it's 10:46 pm.  Due to not only an upcoming trip to Mexico in March and a wedding to attend in June, I'm working very hard right now on eating right and exercising.  The thought of donning a bathing suit is giving me heart palpitations. 

For me, eating right is avoiding sugar and flour.  That, I'm not having a problem with, and my husband is not only supportive, but also following the same low carb diet with me.  It's awesome to have that kind of buddy system. 

Exercising, however, has been another matter entirely for me.  Approximately 7 years ago (gasp, has it been that long?) I began the Atkins diet.  While doing that, I also increased my walking to approximately an hour a day, 6 days a week.  I lost lots of weight.  The exercise used to come easy to me. 

Now?  No.  Doesn't come easy at all.  I have to force myself, like lots of you, to go to the gym or use the treadmill at home.

I do feel better once I'm done, I really do.  It's just GETTING to that point that is the hard part.  Sometimes sitting on the couch sounds so, so much better than getting all sweaty on the treadmill.

Tonight, I walked on the treadmill for approximately 50 minutes.  Sometimes I would use hand weights and sometimes not, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. 

And now, although I do feel really good (and terribly proud of myself), I'm sore now.  The fact that I'm sore NOW is only a ghastly portent of things to come...tomorrow morning I"m going to be calling up House to borrow his cane so that I can get to work.  That is, if I can even move far enough to reach the phone.

This HAS to get better, right?

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