Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cooper the Pooper

Who would have such a name, you wonder.  Just hearing it makes me giggle.

My sister warned me when we were thinking of names for our black lab puppy that if we named him Cooper, we would call him Cooper the pooper.  Not a good idea, and she wouldn't do it.

We named him Cooper just BECAUSE of that.  The variations on his name are endless.  At times he's Sooper Dooper Cooper, Coop the Poop, or the Sooper Dooper Pooper.   Sometimes we call him Whiskey because he is a hard licker.  (haha)  Other times we call him Chewie because he has managed to learn how to vibrate his bark to sound exactly like Chewbacca.  It's hysterical.  You almost forget how mad you are that he has to go out AGAIN when he makes that particular noise.

However, the most aggravating thing is the bells.  We have some bells on the back door, about 2" around and hanging from a strip of country fabric from the doorknob.  Originally they were installed so that the momma of the family (that's me) would know when certain young people were coming in at night.

Cooper is not as subtle.  He has learned that when he rings the bells, he gets to go outside.  Whether or not he needs to.  Whether or not he has been outside five times in an hour.  It goes something like this...

"but I still have to go!" (ring)
"I think I have to go!"  (ring)
"I want to smell some stuff, but I'm going to pretend I have to go!" (ring)
"now I just want to smell some stuff again!" (ring)
"I think there's stuff I forgot to smell!" (ring)
"I'm bored!" (ring)
"I'm ringing the bells!" (ring!)

Seriously, the Salvation Army could have used him this past Christmas.

Despite all the bell ringing, we are having a blast with him.  He's got such a personality and although he is a big doofus of a puppy, he's a really good little boy.  The bells have actually probably saved our floors from terrible messes...Sooper Pooper messes.

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