Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No more ice cream at night for this gal.

So last night I had a dream that we had a remote control which we kept in a puffy stuffed graduation cap, which sat on the coffee table.  You could spin it to change the channel.

Except that my former co worker, Melinda, suddenly came into view and said that she had been looking for that cap everywhere, and needed it back.  Unfortunately it had dry rotted and was falling apart.  I gave it back to her anyway.  I remember thinking how mad she would be that it was falling apart and the stuffing was coming out.  Sorry I couldn’t take better care of it Melinda.

Apparently I have two apologies to make today:  to Melinda, for the fact that we ruined her graduation cap/spinning, dry rotted stuffed remote control holder, and to my hubby, since I had to give it back to Melinda, thus leaving us with no remote control.

that is all.

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